StefaniH2O of geom. Piero Stefani has strong experience of over 30 years consolidated through a collaboration with companies that have the same principle in common: the transformation of electricity into
thermal energy. Leading companies in this sector are:

Hydro Power
RA Energy


The StefaniH2O studio is able to bring you to have turnkey plants carried out by our certified technicians - F.GAS - also, if necessary, also scrapping / replacing old systems such as combustion / gas generators with high efficient heats.

Our professionals will follow all the practices to recover the incentive intended for you: thermal account or tax deduction. Together with Cleanpower we are able to anticipate the incentive through the sale of the thermal account by the customer and which corresponds to 60% of the cost of the system.

The main advantage for the industrial sector is the elimination of fire prevention certificates (cpi) as well as a significant reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere.


For the civil and residential sector, the StefaniH2O study proposes systems with high-performance inverter technology with high Performance Coefficients (COP) and able to guarantee not only excellent summer air conditioning but also the primary heating function.

For a system in a new context, we offer an integrated system with the production of sanitary water and technical water for the primary floor heating system or via hydronic terminals (fan coils). Numerous advantages can also be obtained in the renovation with an integrated high-efficiency system:

- minimum costs in the bill
- yield optimization
- energy requalification of the property

In order to have greater energy autonomy, during the planning phase we recommend to complete it with an adequate solar thermal and photovoltaic system.

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